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Should I become a Recruitment Consultant?

Recruitment Consultant. These probably are not the first two words people think of when they are starting or changing their career.

However, I challenge these individuals to bring these two words to the forefront of their minds as a career in recruitment is fast becoming a very attractive profession for many.

Before working in a recruitment consultancy I had a very limited idea of what these firms actually did. My ideas of the business were so stereotypical. In my mind I could give them my CV, tell them what job I was looking for and in return they would help me make my CV better, advise me on potential roles and help me through interview processes. Basically, I had no real idea of what went on in the background, or how diverse a consultant’s role actually was.

The reality of a consultant’s role is that there is much more to it than what you see on the surface. As a consultant in Morgan McKinley you are given ownership of your own area to recruit into and it is your responsibility to build this. It’s like having your own small business within a larger one, with all the benefits or a great brand and world class support behind you.

As a Consultant, you are constantly building relationships with client companies, both small and large. You are working with these businesses in a consultative way to help them find the best people for their roles. In tandem with this you are working closely with people to help them find the right career pathway. You need to build strong relationships with your candidates also, to ensure you know what they want from their next career move.

Recruitment is a fast paced, busy and honestly speaking, sometimes stressful! It is a high performing environment where your goals and targets are clearly set out for you and you are given the training and tools to help you achieve them. In return a career in recruitment can offer you excellent career progression, autonomy and strong earning potential.

What I like most about Morgan McKinley is the diverse backgrounds my colleagues come from. There is no specific course or experience you have to have to move into consultancy. If you are considering moving into this sector it is a role that requires persistence, resilience and excellent communication and relationship building skills. You need to enjoy working in a fast paced and target driven environment.

Whether you have been considering career changing into this profession for a while, or if it is something you would like to find out more about having read this, then please get in touch. The Talent Acquisition team in Morgan McKinley are always happy to answer any questions and advice around our current roles. 

  • Nov 06, 2014
  • Careers
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Anna Maher

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