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Is recruitment a career choice for me?

When I grow up I want to be a recruiter - no teenager said ever. Until now maybe?

Looking back to when I was in secondary school and even in college, this was never a career choice that I had ever given any consideration to nor had any career guidance counselor within the education system ever suggested it to me. Today recruitment is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing industries, providing multiple career paths for individuals.  
If you ask any recruiter how they came to work in this industry many would say they 'fell into it'. I am not a fan of this expression but allow me to explain why many describe it as being the case. The vast majority of recruitment consultants secure their first recruitment position within an agency, where they initially meet with them as a candidate within their area of specialisation. e.g. a design engineer meets with one of our engineering consultants regarding a position we are sourcing for in a medical device company.
At Morgan McKinley, we look for people who are highly skilled in their area of specialisation. Recruitment is a competitive and ever changing industry and requires a person to be commercially aware, driven and ambitious.
What's in it for you?

Besides the fact that recruitment is financially a rewarding career, for me there are many factors as to why I love this industry and particularly working for Morgan McKinley.

  • The variety of the role alone is fantastic, no two days are ever the same and as for clock watching...well in recruitment who has time!
  • Its 100% all about people, whether it's talking to candidates about opportunities, speaking to clients about their business or networking with others within your recruitment area.
  • It's both competitive and highly targeted, it allows you to set quantifiable goals and it gives you a means of evaluating later what we do right and where we can improve to be even more successful.
  • Even though you work as part of a bigger team you are very much given the autonomy to run your own desk as if it's your own mini company. Morgan McKinley offer fantastic support to consultants who want to drive their business forward.

If you are have ever thought "I could do more" or "I would like to use my skills within a different area", then recruitment could be for you.

  • Nov 23, 2017
  • Ireland
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Michelle Donohoe

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