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This is the Real World of Recruitment

For the last five years I was as far from recruitment as you can be, working in an entirely different industry.

My only experience with recruitment was looking on job boards and occasionally sending in CVs.

Before I started in Morgan McKinley, I remember hearing the word recruitment, or recruiter and sometimes it conjured up images of a classic 1980’s guy - Sell! Sell! Sell! 

I thought it was fast paced, cut throat, shark infested, last days of the Wild West, etc. 

But I researched further, like any good scientist. I talked to friends and former colleagues who worked in recruitment and realised that these assumptions were wrong. 

"Working in recruitment is like no other job you will do!"

This is a phrase I heard often from many people, in a positive way, and so far they have been correct! There is no such thing as a normal day and if you are looking for a job with variety, you can’t get better than this. 

Every day I get the opportunity to potentially make a positive change in people’s life by giving them career advice, news on available roles, coaching them for interviews and ultimately assisting them in getting the job of their dreams. This is the real world of recruitment and I have enjoyed every second of it. 

The single biggest surprise I found? The support I got from Day 1. When you work for Morgan McKinley, you get a chance to work alongside fellow scientists who have also made that career change and you can expect to get a level of support that I imagine is very hard to reproduce in any other company. 

Knowing the person next to you has gone through this same career move and is willing to guide and mentor you helps you to find your feet quickly. If I had known this before I started, I wouldn’t have been as nervous about changing careers. 

My advice to anyone thinking of changing careers is to research the job fully and don’t allow assumptions and other peoples negative experiences to deter you. If I had allowed that to affect me I know I would have missed out on a great opportunity. 

If you are like me and have a science background and would like to work in a role where you can really make difference in people's lives, get in touch with the Morgan Mckinley Science Team today. We'd be delighted to have you join the Morgan McKinley team.

Ian Murphy

  • Aug 15, 2014
  • Careers
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