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Part Three: Important factors in choosing a recruitment consultancy to work for

Why is Career Progression important?

I think it is human nature to think ahead and plan for the future. I know I wouldn’t want to be stuck in one role for the rest of my life, doing the same thing day after day without any changes and I don’t think you would either! Typically, you need to be goal orientated or self-motivated to work in recruitment. So you want to know what projects you need to have exposure to or goals you need to achieve in order to progress to the next step in your career.

What does Career Progression look like at Morgan McKinley?

It depends at what level you join at when you join Morgan McKinley. In general, someone just starting out in recruitment will join as an Associate Consultant or Consultant – depending on your prior work experience. Here is an example of the career progression steps (this varies from office to office):

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Operations Director/Managing Director

Associate Director


Senior Consultant


Associate Consultant

At every stage, it will be made clear to you exactly what mandatory training you need to complete, what targets or achievements you need to meet in order to progress to the next stage. We have a number of our team who have started as an Associate Consultant with us who are now Managers, Associate Directors and even Chief Operations Officers so it is possible to progress and build your career within Morgan McKinley.

What about global mobility options?

Yes, it is possible to transfer from one office to one of our other global locations. Actually, both of our current COOs in Asia Pacific started their careers with Morgan McKinley at our London offices as Associate Consultants. They both progressed through each of the steps and have transferred to our offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. Once you have been a Consultant with us for one year, you are eligible to be considered for opportunities in most of our global offices. You will need to have shown proven billing performance as well as commitment to the Morgan McKinley company values.

Thanks for reading this series of blogs and best of luck in choosing the right recruitment consultancy for you!

  • Oct 14, 2014
  • Careers
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