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Our people and our training make Morgan McKinley a great place to work

I googled the qualities of what makes a great recruitment consultant.


The First thing that comes up is confidence. When I think of our recruitment consultants, confidence is definitively something that I would think we all would have in common here at Morgan McKinley. A few months back the rumblings of a Morgan McKinley Toastmasters came about. I was in shock to hear that I was not the only person in the business who has a fear of Public speaking but in fact it is very common. Toastmasters is a worldwide meeting, where people can learn by doing a workshop where participants hone their speaking and leadership skill in a no pressure environment. In the last month, we had two successful Morgan McKinley " Speakeasy" toastmaster. People have stepped up including myself to speak for five minutes about themselves. What is worse than speaking in public is speaking in public about yourself.

Professional & Personal goals

For me, this was a massive personal achievement to speak on front of a room packed with colleagues. However the support I got from our organisers Ronan McConville our 'UX 'Recruitment Consultant here in Dublin and everyone in the room was unbelievable. It wasn't. just that I was speaking on front of colleagues but it was a room full of friends. My topic was My Desert Island disc which is a BBC RADIO show which has been around since the 1940's where people are interviewed and speak about the 8 songs they would take to Desert island and their memories behind these songs.I can't say I remember the five minutes of speaking but what I won't forget is the adrenaline that kicked in afterwards. For me, I had just achieved a personal and professional goal of mine and the feeling was great. I have finally taken my first step to overcome my fear of public speaking thanks to Morgan McKinley. An event like this is not uncommon in Morgan McKinley, obviously being a confident public speaker will play a big part in a successful Recruitment consultants career. Training like this will help us with our client visit, delivering impressive pitches to clients and candidates but also will stand to you in your personal life. From your very first day working at Morgan McKinley your career and personal training begins. We have second to none training from our Corporate Induction and our famous Bootcamp for new joiners to our Train to the Trainer Programme. Our Business is about always developing our people and providing them with the best learning tools out there.

Go Beyond

For me, this is another reason why Morgan McKinley is a great place to work with our learning programmes and the people who Go Beyond to help us reach those goals. If Morgan McKinley sounds like the kind of place where you would like to work to become the best recruitment consultants please get in touch today.

  • Aug 09, 2018
  • Careers
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