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Office Admin Turned Recruitment Consultant

Going from Office Admin to recruiting for Office Support was a massive change of career for me but one I have really enjoyed.

Going from office admin to recruiting for office support was a massive change of career for me but one I have really enjoyed. I have learned so many new things about myself and it has been a great and challenging move for me.

When I first started telling people about my new job some people didn’t really take me seriously, with a few commenting that I wouldn’t cope or said, “you’re not really the type to be a recruiter.” When I heard this, although it was upsetting, it did make me want to prove them wrong.

Of course starting any new role is daunting, especially as recruitment was something I had never done before but I know that it is absolutely normal to feel that way. One factor that really helped me was that I had actually been through Morgan McKinley for my previous office support role, and they were really professional and helpful so I was confident they were a good agency to work for. As I had little work experience at the time, I was asked to come in to the office for interview preparation. This was really helpful and made me feel far more confident going into my interview. I felt like my consultant was with me the whole of my interview process and was always available for advice.

I now work on the office support team at Morgan McKinley recruiting into the commerce and industry sector. Having worked in office support roles previously, I am far more confident recruiting for office support professionals as I understand how they feel, and I am able to provide expert advice when faced with questions, queries or concerns. My past experience has also really helped me when I am dealing with my clients as I know what type of candidate is best suited to their needs, and I have a good understanding of the role.

One of my favourite things about being in recruitment is that I can help improve people’s lives, whether it is helping someone’s job search after being made redundant or a junior starting their career. I find it is really rewarding knowing I have helped someone.

If you are currently in an office support role and are looking to make a move into recruitment, please feel free to get in touch to discuss your options. If you are resilient, confident, and willing to go the extra mile then recruitment could definitely be a career option for you!

  • Aug 12, 2016
  • Careers
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Megan Rose

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