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The New Recruit: my move into the Research Development and Innovation Team

I thought I had witnessed all aspects of recruitment; I had screened a lot of CVs, been in a lot of Assessment Centres and Interviews.

I had taken hundreds of references and advertised a lot of jobs. Little did I know that there was something going on in the background that was going to make me completely re-evaluate what I thought I knew about the future of recruitment. 

At the start of this year I began assisting the Research Development & Innovation (RD&I) team a couple of days a week. I realised fairly quickly that this is the kind of team that I want to work in. I like to think I’m a bit creative, so to have a say in how something looks, feels, and works is really exciting. To see how the software that we currently use is created and run on a day to day basis is fascinating. It's a really exciting place to work as you’re always getting stuck into new projects. 

Very quickly I was introduced to the world of agile. A methodology that anyone who works on a team will be familiar with, even if they are not aware that it is agile. 

You know that team meeting you have every morning? The one where you are all speaking about what happened yesterday (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and your plan of action for that day? That’s your stand up. 

That weekly meeting you have that reviews the previous week? That’s your sprint review. 

Welcome to Agile!

Agile is a way of working based on an iterative approach taken by self-organising, cross functional teams. Requirements are constantly reassessed to see if they’re adding value to the user. By keeping the “user” front and centre - solutions emerge and evolve over time.

I’m now a full-time member of an innovative, creative, and amazing team. The perfect agile team works in the same location. With Slack, Google Hangouts, and a number of cloud products we have the opportunity to work remotely. From India to Canada, and all the Morgan McKinley locations in between, I’ve seen the team successfully attempt to defy traditional thought and bring you a new world of recruitment. 

But, why has all this made me re-evaluate what I thought about the future of recruitment? Well, I can’t tell you that… it’s top secret! You can see a sneak preview from Stuart McCaul, our Chief Digital Officer,here. One things for sure, whether you’re a Manager, Recruiter, or an Administrator, your day-to-day will be transformed through the products we are creating. These products will make Morgan McKinley even more attractive to clients. These creations are innovative, creative, and functional and make so much sense in the competitive world of recruitment. 

Interested in joining a forward-thinking and innovative global team? View opportunities here or speak to one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists today.

Clodagh Costello | Analyst, RD&I

  • Aug 20, 2018
  • Ireland
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