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My internship with the Morgan McKinley online marketing team

Paul Treacy joined the Online Marketing Team for a 6 week internship during the global roll-out of our new responsive websites.

As we love to blog, Paul kindly wrote a piece about his time with us. Paul was a great addition to the team, and made a huge contribution during his time at Morgan McKinley. We wish him the best of luck and we know he has a bright future ahead of him, thanks Paul! 
It was January 2014 and I was nearly finished my Networks and Operating Systems course in Dublin Business School. I had two choices, either try and get a six week work placement, or do a project. The latter choice did not appeal to me as I completed projects before and I much preferred the thought of getting stuck in to some work rather than theorising about it. So I was delighted and somewhat taken aback when I got a phone call from the Online Marketing Manager of Morgan McKinley asking me whether I would be interested in doing my six week work placement with them. So, when my soon to be manager reflected on what a great opportunity it would be for me, I jumped at the chance and gladly commuted down to the Cork office for induction.

On arrival in the Cork office I couldn’t but remark to myself how friendly and how busy everyone was. This was so reflected in Dublin as well, where I would spend the next six weeks as an Online Marketing Intern. I sailed home on the train that day, perused my notes and brushed up on Google docs. 

After a week in my role I felt a lot more confident as I knew how to go through the testing issues for the new sites both before and after they went live. During my second week and third week I was analysing traffic for the sites through Google tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.  This really piqued my interest as I had tried to develop a website previously and had one day envisaged that I might go live with it, so watch this space!

By week four, five and six then I was duly writing reports on traffic analysis for websites that had just been newly launched.  For the last number of days as an intern, I uploaded and edited blogs on the new Australian site and got to grips with Drupal content management system. In total I worked on 4 site launches in 6 weeks - Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. 

I already miss the Morgan McKinley buzz. Just now I would be about to go on a little walk at lunchtime if I were up in Burlington Road.  I really wish that such an opportunity could have presented itself like this before now.  I can’t qualify how beneficial the six weeks I had with the Online Marketing Team was. I can’t qualify how beneficial the six weeks I had with the Online Marketing Team was. The depth and speed at which I was working at was very noticeable, very real and always dynamic. Operations like these are not taught at an academic level. Believe me, they aren’t. It would be really worthwhile for academic institutes to not just aid in work placements for students of certain years but to try and help students needle into employment for a few months. This isn’t the case in most learning arenas. The only reason I ended up on my placement above was through determination and serendipity - that Morgan McKinley thought that I had what it takes to help them. And I did, and in turn they really helped me.

Finally, I would like to thank Louise, Tara, Julian, Monica and Tara C and all in Connaught House for their faith in me and their help and knowledge.

  • Mar 31, 2014
  • Ireland
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