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My first year in Sydney, why would you move here?

As cliche as it sounds, it only feels like yesterday I was planning to move to Sydney and now I have already been here a year.

I work with a lot of contractors that are moving over to Sydney on working holiday visa’s so I thought I’d share a few things I had learnt living down under.

  • Sydney is a city of fitness - You would only have to venture to Bondi Beach in the morning or go near any park at lunch to see that this city loves fitness! If you have travelled on your way here or indulged in the drinking culture of the UK. Then it might be time to consider investing in some new gym gear and getting in shape before you are sat on the beach regretting those late night kebabs!
  • Finally a real summer - If you weren’t already complaining about the summer in the UK or complete lack of, then moving to Sydney will make you realise how bad it actually is. I write this blog as we are entering into winter and the next week’s forecast is sun and 23/24 degrees. It’s a tough life!
  • The Beach Life - Move as close to the beach as you can afford! Although the beach might be only 20 mins away, this is too far on a day to day basis and unfortunately when its 37 degrees on a Saturday you’ll be joined by everyone else queuing for the bus. Waking up and going to the beach just never gets old though and well worth the extra rent!
  • Breakfast – I hate to say it but I love avocado on toast (I refuse to call it avo on toast), I will never love Vegemite though, Marmite will never be replaced for me! I have regular marmite delivers from the UK to feed the habit. There is a real big culture of going out for breakfast here and Sydney has something to cater for all palettes. Whether that is fermented vegetables with a side of smoked salmon, or a good old bacon and egg sandwich! Aussies love a good breakfast!
  • Coffee – The coffee here is on another level compared to the majority of the UK. There is a coffee shop on every corner and compared to the UK it is half the price. With your new found fitness regime, the coffee may come in useful.
  • Transport - The air conditioned buses and trains will make transport in the UK seem horrible, especially if you’re from London and travel on the tube! To top it off transport is a lot more affordable, not only are the initial fares cheaper but after eight separate journeys (over an hour apart) you travel for free!


To add to the above, there are loads of great bars and restaurants popping up on a regular basis, you really are spoilt for choice. The job market has genuinely picked up in the last six months and there is a shortage of talent, this makes anyone moving over on a working holiday visa highly desirable. It has also just been announced there will be a delay in the proposed 'backpacker tax' increase, so now is a great time to consider a move. Read more here.

I personally focus on the Retail, FMCG and Media sectors for contract roles at the qualified level, and if you are looking for a new role in one of these sectors then please email your CV to If you are interested in exploring a move to our Sydney team then click here to speak with our Talent Acquisition Specialists.

  • May 17, 2016
  • Careers , Australia
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