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More to your career than meets the eye?

Fancy a career change? Want the chance to run your own business with the support of an internationally recognised brand?

If the answer is yes, then Morgan McKinley has the career for you. I’ve been in recruitment for 10 years now and you know what I love the most about this job?… Everyday is different!

Everyday brings a new challenge and a new air of excitement. Even after 10 years I’m still learning something new. I don’t think there are many companies out there that will give you that kind of opportunity.  

Does a career change work?

We have a number of career changers in our business that have gone on to be some of our best performers - why, you ask? They know their market, they have a strong industry network and they understand what the client and the professional wants. They are an expert in their field. 

The rest we can teach you through our initial 6-week training programme and ongoing learning and development programmes.

What will set you apart from the rest?

Having an eye for an opportunity and not being afraid to take a risk, coupled with having the drive to never give up will make your career in recruitment even more exciting and undoubtedly set you apart from the rest.

Thinking outside the box is something you need to do every day in this role; at Morgan McKinley we’re all for people being creative. How you manage and develop your desk and personal brand is up to you… within reason of course! After all, not one size fits all and that’s something you learn early on in recruitment. It is something as a business we truly believe and have adopted in our own work ethos. 

The challenges you face?

Some days are tougher than others but it’s about brushing it off, starting again and never taking it to heart. I firmly believe that the more mistakes you make at the start the quicker you learn and the better you become! 

What is there to love?

The opportunity to build and run your own desk whilst being supported by a globally recognised brand. And let’s be honest, the money you can earn is a big factor! The more you put in the more you get out of it and there is no cap on your earning potential. 

So do you feel creative? Do you feel ready for a new challenge? Want to take control of your destiny and most importantly your earning potential? If so, please feel free to contact me on 01 4321 556 for an honest and open confidential chat about what Morgan McKinley has to offer you.

Alternatively you can contact one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists for more information about current opportunities across our offices. 

Sarah Owen| Associate Director, Ireland

  • Aug 24, 2017
  • Ireland
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