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Make sure you perfect your Linkedin presence!

Before I started working in a recruitment agency I had never used Linkedin and truthfully, had never understood it either.

This is going back over four years, but online networking and social media for business had not impacted me in my previous roles and if I’m being honest I found the whole thing a bit daunting. 

My previous work experience had been in quite traditional companies were going onto any kind of social media site was frowned upon and considered ‘not working’. What I have learnt over the last four years is social media and online networking are not to be avoided or feared, embrace them and do it quickly because they aren’t going anywhere! The benefits of Linkedin are endless, increasing your network, promoting a business, promoting yourself, accessing experts in other areas, researching businesses, etc.

Whether you are starting off in your career, have maybe been out of work for a number of years and are coming back or have just never taken the Linkedin plunge – now is the time too! In the professional world Linkedin can be a powerful tool but only if used effectively. What’s most important is to have your Linkedin presenting you in the best possible way. Your Linkedin profile is essentially your online CV, always keep this in mind and imagine how people reading your profile will see it. 

Below are my top 5 tips for getting your Linkedin profile up and running: 

  1. Photo – make sure you use a professional photo (ie: not one of you socialising/hugging your dog). 
  2. Summary – the summary is an excellent space to give an over view of your career and what role you currently are in. It can be useful to include information about your current company here also. If you are not working write about the types of roles you are looking for and why you are right for these roles.
  3. Work experience – ensure all of your previous work experience is listed correctly along with the right length of service. You can include a small piece about the role, do make sure it is concise and to the point. (This can be done in your summary section as an alternative). 
  4. Education – ensure all of your educational achievements are listed here. From certificates to degrees leave nothing out. 
  5. Get connecting! Connect with your colleagues or peers, join relevant groups and don’t be afraid to connect!

We really hope you reap the benefits of Linkedin in your career. Done right, it really can connect to great people and fantastic opportunities.

  • Jul 28, 2014
  • Careers
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Anna Maher

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