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Interviews go Virtual in response to Covid19

Top Tips for Video Interviews

Many of us have just completed our first full week, working from home in light of Covid19 and I’m impressed to see how quickly the industry has adapted to Video interviews.  

Whether that’s using Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or many of the other platforms now available on the market. 

Many Recruiters are well versed with prepping their candidates on the basics of face-to-face interview etiquette, but few of us, before now, have had to offer advice on the virtual alternative. 

As an Internal Recruiter, here are some of my top tips if you’re preparing for a video interview in the coming weeks: 

  • Make sure you’re in a quiet place
  • Try and face a window rather than sat with one behind you, reducing the glare on the screen
  • Ideally sit with a blank/ minimal space/wall behind you, you don’t want to create distractions 
  • If there are others in the house, assure they are aware you are on a call so they don’t disturb you
  • Align your web-cam so it’s at eye-level rather than looking down at it, creating a more natural face-to-face feeling (if you don’t have a stand, prop up your screen/laptop on some books)
  • Test your webcam and the video platform you are using, to assure your audio and mic are working, ideally call a friend to trial the set up 
  • Dress in line with the culture of the business you’re interviewing for, if you’re not sure, look at the company's website and social pages to see what their dress code is
  • Think about good posture, and as in any interview, try to avoid fidgeting
  • The benefit of a video/telephone interview is you can have your notes next to you out of sight and pre-prepared questions, make sure you take note of the answers to show you are listening 
  • Assure your phone is on silent and close any unnecessary tabs on your browser 
  • Sit down at your workstation a few minutes before the call is to go ahead so you’re ready to pick up when the call comes through 
  • When listening do remember to smile to show you are engaged and use hand gestures where appropriate to emphasize your answers
  • Try not to be distracted by looking at yourself, i know it’s a distraction as we’re not used to watching ourselves as we speak
  • Try your best to relax and be yourself, it’s slightly more challenging but do built rapport over the video call just as you would have in person 

And finally, good luck with your interviews!

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  • Mar 25, 2020
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