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Integrating into the company culture

Your first day in a new role and new organisation can be an exciting but daunting time.

The prospect of meeting new people, attending company induction, finding your way round a new office and being the “newbie” can often feel a bit overwhelming.

So when I joined Morgan McKinley early 2016 as Global Head of Learning and Development, it was no different for me even though I’m an L&D professional.  My first day was full of new information, new faces, names and trying to remember my passwords to log into the system.  What really helped me through was my structured onboarding plan and being appointed a buddy on my first day. 

So what is a buddy and how has it helped me? 

A buddy is someone you are paired up with informally in an almost mentoring relationship, whereby they support you in integrating into the company culture.  The relationship is less about objectives and more about personal insights and values.  A buddy scheme can help someone settle in which means they are far more engaged earlier and more likely to start performing quicker. 

My buddy helped put me at ease by sharing their own personal insights of when they joined. They empathised with me which helped to reassure some of my thinking and decision making and boost my confidence. They also helped to unravel some of the company acronyms and buzzwords I had heard, which really helped me during my initial meetings.

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  • Aug 10, 2017
  • Careers , UK
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Lauren Di Ventura

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