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iGo Beyond Recruitment Bootcamp - Came, Saw, Conquered!

Niall Weldon, Consultant, Engineering shares his Bootcamp experience.

You hear the word Bootcamp and automatically ​think​ of a drill sergeant ​shouting ​orders at you, or a fitness instructor well… ​again shouting ​orders at you. This was not the case for Morgan McKinley’s new crop of new comers​, we experienced a much softer approach at training.

At the start of this year, MMK held another of its highly successful​ iGo Beyond​ Recruitment Bootcamp Program during which all aspects of the recruitment cycle ​were​ covered​. ​The program aim ​was​ to arm ​us​ with all the skills needed to ​become​ a productive recruiter​. We not only listened to senior consultants, managers and directors tips and their advice but actively took part in role plays and other interactive exercises. We learned how to transfer our skills and use them in our day to day activities.

​iGo Beyond​ was a great tool to up skill all of us as consultants, on the candidate interview, ​MMK unique "My​Career Ally​" initiative​ and sourcing, whilst also focusing on client activities including ​business development , client visits and the all-important ​candidate ​placements.

As a group we differed immensely in background and experience, but all shared a common goal and thoroughly immersed ourselves in all the activities and were able to share our expertise with each other as well as learn new skills.

It was great to be involved in all the different role-plays (no 50 shades - mind out of the gutter people), and real life scenarios to really get a feel for the day to day requirements of a consultant.

I think I can say with, agreement from the rest of my group of newbies, that the skills passed down from the experienced consultants and the buy-in from the company in training us was much appreciated, and very much enjoyed.

As for me I am an Engineering Consultant with Morgan McKinley in Dublin, where I specialise in the recruitment of permanent staff. I have a degree in Chemical and Process Engineering, with over 10 years’ experience across several industries.

  • Mar 19, 2015
  • Careers
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