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How to Recruit Top Talent

One of the most important things a company needs to get right to ensure their business can grow, prosper and move in the right direction, is how they find the right people. 

As the job market heats up, recruiting top talent has become a hot topic on the recruitment grapevine.

Working on the Talent Acquisition team in Morgan McKinley, I experience first-hand the ups, downs and challenges of finding the best people to join our business. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and feel the company I work for has a lot to offer future employees but there is not a recruiter out there (be it in-house or agency) who does not face challenges when recruiting for their business or market.

The 2015 Global Recruiting Trends, 4th annual report, produced by Linkedin has some excellent content regarding internal hiring and trends happening this year. One line in particular really stood out to me when I was reading it,

“In 2015, sourcing just isn’t what it used to be. Social professional networks continue their meteoric 4-year rise to become a top source of quality hires. Passive candidate recruiting is growing in popularity, as 61% of global companies now do this. Passive talent accounts for a whopping 75% of all professionals worldwide.”

Passive talent, ie. people who are not actively looking for roles equate for 75% of professionals worldwide, leaving just 25% as active candidates, ie. candidates who are actively looking and applying for roles.

This statistic should ring loud and clear to recruiters, it’s time to start approaching and communicating with passive candidate markets. Before you can start doing this you need to make sure what you can offer potential employees is current, relevant and exciting. Creating an employer brand which lines up with your company brand, culture and values is crucial. Your employer brand is what has the potential to change these candidates from passive to active.

At Morgan McKinley we put a massive emphasis on our employer brand and how we communicate this to our markets, also ensuring this employer brand is at the heart of our organisation and in everything we do. We use a variety of channels, for example our global websites and Glassdoor. Company websites are an excellent platform to communicate with potential employees. One hopes that after visiting your company sites people will have an insight into your business, mission, values and ethos.

At Morgan McKinley we have a separate careers site which showcases our business and what working in Morgan McKinley is like. Blogs from our employees about working in Morgan McKinley and what it’s like are priceless. Glassdoor is also an excellent platform to get our message and brand out to prospective employees. It is completely anonymous and impartial. More and more candidates I am speaking with are referencing Glassdoor when researching companies.

To conclude, a strong employer brand is crucial to any business when trying to attract new employees.

To all the passive candidates who may read this blog, you may want to get in touch and learn more about what working in Morgan McKinley is like. Or at the very least, if I I approach you, you will know who Morgan McKinley are and want to hear more about what we can offer you.

  • Mar 24, 2015
  • Careers
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