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How to future-proof your career in recruitment - 9 Top Tips!

The recruitment landscape is continuously changing and with change comes opportunity. At Morgan McKinley, we are constantly innovating and evolving to add value to our clients, candidates and our people.

From one recruiter to another - here are our top tips on what has been fundamental to the success of our top performers. The recruitment landscape is continuously changing and with change comes opportunity. We are always trying to think outside of the box and to evolve with the industry, which is why we’ve experienced year on year growth since we launched our Australian office in 2007.

1. Consider your specialism

Choose to operate in a discipline that will be fundamental to your clients’ future success. Recruit in specialised areas that are future-focused in nature and require the human touch, roles that won’t be replaced by robots or easily off-shored, such as Strategy and Transformation. 

If you're thinking about or specialising, I'd love to hear from you. I'm always looking for new talent. 

2. Develop a diverse client base

Work with clients that value your expertise. This may mean a shift in focus towards the SME market. It may mean investing the time and energy in getting onto a recruitment supplier panel for a large and dynamic business that is always going to need talent. For us here at MMK, one thing it means is having a broad client base across Financial Services, Commerce & Industry and Government clients, to maximise our coverage across different markets. Browse our current job openings to see how and where you could develop your client base. 

3. Don’t let geographic location limit your market

Source and work with clients across borders and become a discipline expert globally. Think about how you will create value for your clients into the future,  how you will be able to connect them with the right talent pools. Cross-border sourcing strategies will be key to ensuring you have the best talent pools from both the local and global markets.  

4. Build a strong brand and be a genuine expert in your field

Know what you stand for and make sure this comes through in every interaction across every medium. Your role will be less about sourcing an individual candidate and more about building relationships with a group of professionals who may become candidates in the future. Look for new ways to add value to your specialist communities, understand their challenges and bring thought leadership pieces and industry networking events to help them develop.

Morgan McKinley’s specialist Marketing team supports our consultants in partnering with external associations, and bringing together industry-leading events (such as our bi-annual Strategy and Transformation breakfast event hosting 140 business leaders for a panel discussion on the next wave of Digital Transformation).

“By developing mutually rewarding partnerships with some of Australia’s most highly regarded experts, we have developed a strong reputation for adding value beyond finding the best talent and offering the best career opportunities. These initiatives have been key to the ongoing success of our consultants, and our business as a whole” (Vanessa Harding, joint Founding MD - Morgan McKinley).

We see a direct correlation; our top performers have fantastic Go To Market strategies built on events, insights and great partnerships.  

5. Get connected online

As our audience is increasingly online you need to build your personal brand, not only in your physical networks. Invest the time to build out a specialist online community where you can really add value through your insights. Morgan McKinley consultants regularly publish blogs and insights on the latest trends and topics in their industries.

6. Support your clients where they need it most

Build key partnerships, understanding that it is often through collaboration that better outcomes are achieved. By partnering with like-minded organisations and industry bodies you can help shape the future of the industry and take a lead on topics such as Women in Leadership and Diversity.

Work with clients that you like, and that like you. Invest in relationships that will be genuine partnerships, and ultimately where introducing talent will be appreciated. Be prepared to evolve as your clients’ needs do.

“We all have clients that we love to work with, you just get each other. It is a true partnership based on mutual respect and understanding. There is no real surprise that with these clients you always deliver a great outcome” (Louise Langridge, joint Founding MD - Morgan McKinley).

7. Invest heavily in developing your skills

As automation and algorithms take care of some elements of the Recruitment Consultant’s role as it exists today, the human elements will become more pronounced and those who excel in this area will succeed. Use the tools accessible to you, whether that’s an e-learning platform or a leadership development program.

Read the news and relevant articles regularly to keep on top of current affairs and sign up to that course you’ve always wanted to (for example, that crash course in Agile) that will help you understand your candidates and clients better.

As Vanessa says, here at MMK “we keep a close eye on the skills of the future and provide development opportunities to ensure our people are  positioned for success - growth mindset, agility, resilience to name a few. We encourage people to spend an hour on learning everyday whether it be a podcast on the way to work, tapping into new content on our internal knowledge hub, attending an industry event/meetup, or spending time with a mentor/buddy. A thirst for learning is key”.

8. Use data and invest in technology so you can work smarter, not harder

Use the data at your fingertips to deliver relevant and timely recruitment services. Good analytics can help you understand hiring patterns allowing you to become more responsive as you proactively source the right talent ahead of time. Technology can also help you predict which candidates are most likely to move saving you time and increasing your return on investment. Speak to your IT and/or Marketing team to see what data is available and what it can tell you.

9. Celebrate success

We know the role of a recruiter isn’t easy so to keep you driven and motivated, make sure your hard work is recognised and success is celebrated. Choose a business that cares about its people and rewarding you. At Morgan McKinley, this comes in the form of overseas trips, flexible working arrangements, lunches at Sydney’s finest restaurants and clear career progression.

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  • Apr 05, 2019
  • Careers , Australia
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