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How can a passion for playing sports lead to a successful recruitment career?

I have played many different sports in my life, from cricket to football to netball.

I believe this engagement has molded me into a person that is well suited for recruitment.

The sport that I’m most passionate about is football. Whether I’m playing with my friends or playing in a competitive match, I put 110% of myself into it, both mentally and physically, not only to achieve positive results but also to better myself as a person. Years of playing football has significantly shaped my approach to many aspects of my life and I believe this will continue in my professional career in recruitment.

Whether it is sourcing a good candidate or closing a deal, I know I’m going to score. My mentality will not allow me to fail; it will provide me with a greater drive until the goal is achieved. Sometimes you lose and there will be downs but that only gives you more motivation to work harder next time in order to win.

Another important aspect is the competitive nature of a player. Having that zealous edge as a person allows you to run faster and get to the ball before your opponent. Carrying this into recruitment, it means staying an extra hour longer or making that extra call in order to outperform and stay ahead of your competitors. This approach can be adopted by anyone with a genuine passion for a sport or sports in general.

The fundamentals will always remain the same: hard work, commitment, determination and willpower. These are the core traits needed by a successful recruitment consultant. The market knowledge and certain skills can always be acquired but if the above qualities are missing then recruitment may not be for you.

Essentially, the passion for sports provides key attributes that enhance success within the recruitment industry. It is to stay competitive, it is to stay positive and accept failures and it is to picture the end result. You will have to work hard and you will have to put in the hours but that end result will make it all worthwhile.

  • Aug 08, 2016
  • Careers
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Anna Maher

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