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Going Back to University

Talent Acquisition Specialist, Anna Maher, shares her experiences in heading back to the classroom.

Earlier in the year I made the decision to go back to study. The last time I was in a university / studying was nearly 10 years ago. I’ve batted the idea around for the last two years and now, have finally made the commitment. Many of my colleagues have committed to Master, Bachelor or Diploma courses, so I figured, why not?

My first step may be considered small to some, but it’s a big one to me, I have signed up for a certificate in Human Resource Management (one night a week and a handful of Saturdays). For me it is important to take all these steps in moderation, that way I can become aware of how I am to juggle work, life, university...and most importantly see if I enjoy the course.

So why go back to study? Sometimes your role may become stagnant, you may want to move up to the next level but are lacking the qualification to do this. You may want to change the direction of your career completely by learning a whole new area. It may be to learn a new language/technical skill. No matter the reason, there has never been a better time than now to upskill. However, as it is a big commitment, both personally and financially there are a number of factors I thought were important to consider before committing to a course:

  • Why are you doing the course? Is it out of boredom? Is it to progress your current role? Or is it to change your role completely? Once you know what your motivators are you can make sure the course you select will provide outcomes that align with these drivers.
  • Consider the costs; if your course is relevant to your current role/career a lot of companies will offer educational assistance. If you cannot get help from your employer how will you manage the costs? It is worth investigating whether your university offers payment plans or alternate payment options.
  • Get ready to juggle – if you are committed to returning to study it can be done, it may just take some expert planning and prioritising. Just remember it’s not forever!
  • Lastly, pick the method of study that suits you, part time evening courses, online courses, distance learning, to name but a few. Think about what style would suit you best. I personally thrive in an environment that involves interaction hence why I have chosen part time evening study.


If you are studying, finished a course or waiting to start one best of luck or congratulations! I am only one week into mine but hopefully after my year I will be full of knowledge and singing the praises and benefits of upskilling! Until then, class is on Wednesday and I still have to do the required reading as the weekend ran away from me – snap shot of the year to come!

  • Oct 07, 2014
  • Careers
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Anna Maher

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