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Dublin team takes on the ITRA

If you’ve not come across the ITRA before, they are the Irish Tag Rugby Association, and this August, our brave staff members from the Dublin office participated in a gruelling 9 week tournament.

For most of us, the last time we played tag rugby was at secondary school, and that was only because we were made to. This certainly was not the case for our staff in Dublin. A team made up of staff from every area of the business, not just recruitment consultants, we had produced an undefeatable team. Or had we?

Not just competitive in the office, but on the field, our consultants went head to head with a number of companies to be 2013’s summer champions. Walking onto the field, it seemed that the weather was on their side, with no sign of rain to drench them or sun to blind them as they competed for the winning trophy.

To say that the competition was fierce would be an understatement. Refusing to give up and to let the trophy fall into another teams hands, our unstoppable tag team kept going. After coming so far, the Morgan McKinley team were determined to win and were not going to let anything come in between them and the trophy.

With the last few minutes of the match drawing to a close, our very own Jaclyn Doyle from Canada scored a hat-trick helping the team to win 16:13.

  • Aug 07, 2013
  • Careers
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