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Diary of an intern

In these challenging economic times getting ahead in your career, even when you are still studying at University is becoming more and more popular and advisable.

One way to do this is through internships paid or unpaid. It is also a fantastic way to understand more about the career you would like to enter into to ensure you get your career off on the right track. Many internships will lead to return offers as well, so can take the job hunting worry out of those final months of University. To provide you with some insight here is a diary from an intern with us here at Morgan McKinley.

'Having chosen human resources management as my major, I really enjoy the study of social behaviour and the value of managing people as a resource to fully utilise each talent within an organisation. As a result, I began looking for different internship opportunities as semester end approaches hoping to gain a glimpse of how HR functions in the “real world.

With a broad range of interest, I found it really difficult to pick the industry I wanted to start my first internship in. Whether it should be in the financial, commerce, technology, or not-for profit sector … the list goes on.

At last, I chose an internship that not only provided me with a valuable lesson but one that I will look back upon for inspiration and direction towards my future. I was a headhunter.

The beauty of taking up my internship at Morgan McKinley with the HRs team gave me the opportunity to learn about the business and recruitment industry, as well as gaining a broad insight into other businesses across all industries.

My time as a researcher was awesome; despite all the phone calls I had to make everyday (which I loved but were very challenging!), I was put in a position where I had to constantly update myself with the latest market information, news and hiring trends in order to make every phone call valuable and informative for my candidates.

So after three months of working as a recruitment researcher, it was time to head back to university and focus on my studies again. Personally, I find internships the best way to explore your true passion and further develop your skills as well as open doors to future opportunities.''

Have you got an interesting story from your internship if so we'd love to hear it?

  • May 13, 2013
  • Careers , Hong Kong
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