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Considering a career change?

When people think of changing their career, usually recruitment isn’t the first thing that enters their mind.

The vast majority of recruitment consultants seem to have “fallen” into their career by chance. However, a change of career into recruitment can be both an exciting and a rewarding prospect. Many of the consultants in Morgan McKinley had vastly different careers before recruitment.

I recently met with Aideen Murphy. Aideen took a career change into recruitment in 2015 and has never looked back...

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Top 3 characteristics of a recruiter:
  • Communication - in recruitment there is an element of sales and customer services. You need to be able to converse with both clients and candidates regularly and be a people orientated person
  • Resilience - you need to be driven, motivated and possess a positive can-do attitude. You need to be able to work within a team environment as there are deadlines and targets to be met. It's not just a case of having conversations with people. You have to be both likeable and tenacious.
  • Organisation – time management and prioritisation skills are key as you will be working with multiple roles, clients and candidates at the same time


If you are considering a career change and would like to hear more about recruitment and how it could be a great next step for you, please do get in touch!

  • Apr 07, 2017
  • Careers
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Michelle Donohoe

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