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Chasing the Banana in London

This September, two of our group support staff ran the 5km fun run, “Chase the Banana” for the World Cancer Research Foundation UK (WCRF UK)

After a long days work, Presha Taneja and Aine Connellan, headed to Hyde Park, where they joined around 500 other runners to chase the Banana mascot. Arriving at Hyde Park, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and encouragement from people who had come from all over the UK to run for the charity. 

With the sun beating down on them, Presha and Aine were determined to run the entire 5km and not to stop or to even walk it. At times, the ‘fun run’ didn’t feel quite so ‘fun’, but with the help of the event volunteers and onlookers cheering them on and providing bottles of water, our team continued to push forward. Finishing the run in just under 30 minutes, they finally caught the Banana (picture above) and even went home with their very own ‘Beat the Banana’ medal. Both medals are proudly sitting in the London office.

"Although the run only took half an hour, it was surprisingly tiring! The encouragement that the event volunteers gave us and that we shared amongst each other was amazing. I've never run the  'Chase the Banana' fun run before so it was a great new experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I would definitely do it again!"

- Presha Taneja

Who are the World Cancer Research Foundation?

World Cancer Research Foundation are part of an international network of charities which fund cutting-edge scientific research to help prevent Cancer. To date, WCRF have funded an astonishing £86 million to scientific research projects around the globe.

To find out how you can get involved click here.

  • Sep 11, 2013
  • Careers , CSR
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