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The career path from retail to recruitment

For most people, a change of career is big decision thought about for possibly months.

For me, it was through necessity and not choice.

Having worked in retail for a number of years and working my way up from part – timer to floor manager to manager and my ultimate dream, as I thought, owner of a successful high street store for the past nine years. Unfortunately, when the recession hit, retail was one of the industries that was most affected and I eventually was forced into closing my doors.

Whilst searching for jobs in my field I found it very difficult to get placement, the usual response being “overly qualified/experienced” This made me have to step back and rethink my career path and focus. It ultimately made me think outside the box. I stripped it back to basics to see what exact skillset and strengths I had good communication skills, people person, management, resilience to name but a few! This enabled me to open my eyes and get a clearer view of opportunities that are currently in the market.

Fortunately for me, an opportunity arose in Morgan McKinley, and they were able to see that the skills I had were completely transferable and this has enabled me to make an easy transition into an office environment. Therefore, people who are actively looking for new positions, it is very important to assess your skill set to see what you can transfer into a new industry.

Now I’m here to help people, who like me feel they want a change of career. I can now use my life experience and skills to assist others in their journey towards realising their full potential and ultimately securing their ideal role.

So whether you are in a role and looking for a change or like me without very many options, you contact me for a confidential discussion!

Lesley Cooke

  • Jun 30, 2015
  • Careers
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