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Career Changers - Is this you?

Associate Consultant, Sheetal Kohli, shares her career story of how she made a bold decision to move into recruitment.

I still remember that day, finishing university with a degree in my hand (which I never thought I would get) and the big scary world of working ahead of me.

So many of us go to university and study a particular topic but do not always fall into a role around that. This is exactly what happened with me, after sitting around waiting for something to come along that I wanted to do, I got my first job. Super excited and ready to go, off I went to work with the hope that I was going to make it big! Years went by and I got into a boring routine. I went from loving my job and the people I worked with, to being bored senseless and not getting the job satisfaction that I had hoped for. I had progressed pretty well in the time I was at my last role, but it just wasn’t what I wanted to do. I was tired of being referred to as a ‘overpaid bank manager’ - truth be told, that was far from reality.

After looking for so many different roles that I thought I wanted to do, nothing motivated me. I decided to take a chance and thought I would try and find something different, and boy did I change my career. I took a leap of faith and thought I would use my skills from my previous roles to a new role! Recruitment it was!

Super daunting and not knowing whether I made the right decision, off I went on my new adventure! Truth be told I have not looked back. I was finally doing something I enjoyed, being recognised for my hard work and had a great team to be working alongside.

Changing your career can be daunting and not that appealing, but sometimes it can be the best decision you have ever made. We all learn different skills at each place or role that we work in, that you can easily implement into your next role. If you are fed up, take that leap of faith like I did and find something new and exciting to work on, you won’t regret it.

If you’d like to follow in my footsteps and explore a move into recruitment, get in touch with our Talent Acquisition team to join the Morgan McKinley team.

Alternatively check out all the new opportunities we’re promoting and get in touch for a confidential chat with one of the consultants who will be able to help you with finding that dream job.

  • Apr 08, 2015
  • Careers
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