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Bootcamp: The Morgan McKinley Way

Guest blogger Lauren Byrne reflects on her experience as a new recruit at Morgan McKinley.

So you join a new company and get past induction and the first few days without too much trauma. You are just getting to grips with where you sit, who’s in what team, where to make the tea, and maybe even starting to understand how your new role works and what’s expected of you!

You then receive the notifications informing you of 6 weeks’ worth of intense “boot camp” training… For some, you take it in stride and embrace the thought of some good quality training with other “newbies” to get to know…for others (like me) the monotonous PowerPoint and the dreaded role play scenarios are almost too much to bear. Throw in the word boot camp which makes me think of exercise and I’m a complete wreck!

In my past experience, training has really not held much respect in my mind. In my previous job, it really was death by PowerPoint in a small poky classroom where head and desk often became friends. So the anticipation I had when turning up to my first boot camp session in London was, to say the least, apprehensive. Walking into a large bright room was a relief to start with!

It soon became apparent to me that training with Morgan McKinley certainly didn’t have the same mindset to what I had! Clear objective setting from the outset every week, an agenda, folders filled with information, PowerPoint mixed with interactive sessions, the occasional ball throwing activity, sweets and biscuits as rewards, discussions, and role plays led by enthusiastic trainers who really know their market, as well as a supportive learning and development team throughout the six week program meant my opinions truly did change.

The structure of each session meant we covered every point thoroughly, and the variety of activities kept the energy up and everyone engaged. A new trainer each week meant there were always new people within the business to meet and share their experiences. The role plays provided a chance to showcase all the skills you had learnt throughout the day. Each week, I believe everyone’s confidence grew, their knowledge expanded, and their part to play in Morgan McKinley became more apparent. It really was a shame to reach the end of week 6 knowing there were no more boot camp sessions to attend!

For all those ‘trainingophobes’ like I used to be, I really think boot camp will be the life changer to your success with Morgan McKinley. Embrace it, don’t worry about putting ideas out there, and lap up every bit of information you can!

One of the reasons I joined Morgan McKinley was for the values of the company. The fact that these values are instilled not only for our clients and candidates but for every employee through their top notch training package and support means that the company is one step ahead of the rest.

  • Sep 17, 2014
  • Careers
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