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A Bootcamp for Career Success

IT Consultant, Michelle Grant, shares her experience in training for her recruitment role.

As a new recruit for the IT department in Cork, still wet behind the ears, I was quietly anxious about the prospect of a 6 week Bootcamp Training Course...after all it was my first week on the job. Word on the street was that Navy Seals had nothing on Bryan Hylands approach!

My worries ending up being a complete waste of time; from the first minute I walked into the boardroom I realised that I was surrounded by enthusiastic, supportive and all round awesome individuals. This training proved itself to be a fantastic experience for all of us, whether we had been here 2 days or 2 months.  

Our 6 weeks were broken down into the following categories:

  • Day 1:    Planning and Organisation 
  • Day 2:    Qualifying Candidates
  • Day 3:    Sourcing
  • Day 4:    Business Development
  • Day 5:    Client visits
  • Day 6:    Placements 


I honestly learnt so, so much from each of the trainers. Through bribery with sweets, presents and biscuits they managed to keep us engaged the whole way through the process and not one of us nodded off. The course itself was really interactive and assisted me in commencing my career on the IT desk. I became well equipped to ask the right questions of professionals and to not get too bogged down with all the IT lingo. 

Overall, I have learnt that Morgan McKinley are committed to having the best recruitment consultants in the industry and will consistently go the extra mile to share their years of experience with us newbies. Oh, and for the record, Bryan Hyland was no Navy Seal…..more Commander General in his approach. 

If you are interested in opportunities within the IT Recruitment Team please get in touch with me. It is a career move you won’t regret! 

  • Oct 02, 2014
  • Careers
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