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Board team volunteer at Ronald McDonald House

The MMK Board made a pledge that as well as our individual MMK Millions efforts throughout 2017, we would also volunteer at something together.

We decided to inflict our cooking skills onto the families that stay at the wonderful Ronald McDonald house in Dublin. What a great home-from-home to support families with ill children who have to spend a long time in hospital. 

ronald mcdonald houseMMK Breakfast was the order of the day!  So at the crack of dawn, Noreen Butler and Kieran Rossiter set off with all the ingredients for the Great MMK Irish Breakfast Cook Up.  The rest of us arrived soon afterwards to be given our “task”.  Kieran was set onto the Black and White Puddings (until he was accused of cutting them too thin :), I got fruit salad duty – how do you cut your oranges?  Pat Fitzgerald took on the chief sausages and rashers role sporting a tea towel expertly slung over his shoulder, Stuart McCaul made gallons and gallons of tea and Brian Murphy gave instructions and I think did a lot of sweeping and washing up …not a spreadsheet in sight.

Once we were ready for action, a text alerted the families that breakfast was served.  With some caution and trepidation, they tasted our fare and in the end no-one got poisoned!
#cookingforfamilies is a great initiative allowing any group to do something practical at the Ronald McDonald.  A very small gesture on our part indeed, but one that solves a real challenge for the house as it reduces their staff and food running costs.

Well done to Noreen for finding that task for us…now what’s next?

Aldagh McDonogh | Transformation Director

  • Jul 27, 2017
  • CSR , Ireland
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