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Are job interviews the new first dates?

With Valentine’s day at the end of the week, it seemed almost criminal to miss an opportunity to write a timely blog about the parallels between dating and recruitment.

I have read numerous articles recently likening Tinder to recruitment, such as Lucy Kellway’s “It’s time to flirt with Tinder for a new approach to recruitment”.

But what happens after you match and are invited to meet the prospective employer/Tinder date?

There are some simple rules which apply to both the first interview and the first date:

  1. Not all numbers need to be discussed – Don’t start the interview asking about salary or working hours. Equally, don’t spend the first date discussing your package (no matter how impressive) or trying to figure out how much the other person earns.
  2. Keep yourself exclusive – An interviewer will often want to know where else you have interviewed recently, but consider your answer. Confessing you have interviewed with every business in a 20km radius for roles in different industries gives the impression you aren’t being specific or targeted in your search. Discussing how many other Tinder dates you have been on that week and rating them isn’t the best conversation topic either.
  3. Ex free zone – Ever heard the saying “What Susie says of Sally, says more of Susie than of Sally”? Whether it’s your ex boss or your ex partner, do not spend time listing their faults and identifying what they could do better as the only person who is going to look bad is you, even if they were genuinely awful!
  4. Be open and transparent – Don’t bother lying about your experience or achievements as sooner or later the truth will surface and having to confess that you can’t speak 5 languages or a holiday home in St Tropez is just awkward.
  5. Do your research – With such easy access to the internet, there is no reason to enter an interview or date completely unprepared. Research the company you are interviewing with and ask relevant questions. I’m not suggesting you conduct a forensic investigation on all social media sites to stalk the person you are meeting, but at least getting their name right would be a good start.

I’m no Cilla Black (no guesses on my age or where I am from) but following these simple ideas could drastically increase your chances of reaching the second stage and perhaps securing your dream job or partner.

  • Feb 12, 2015
  • Careers
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Morgan McKinley

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