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6 Tips Before You Make The Career Switch to Recruitment

Thinking of making the big career switch? Here’s why Bella Phea decided to make the move from banking to recruitment.

“Have you ever thought of changing your career?” said the recruitment consultant. That was the exact words that kick started my thoughts into considering a new career. I started my career in banking, now instead of working in financial services, I recruit for it. I used to be a Banker in a multinational bank and although I was doing well, I felt that something was amiss, which was then I realised – the sense of fulfilment. 

Recruiting within the industry

I felt that I needed the challenge and that was what recruitment could offer me. By working in the industry previously, it gave me an advantage by equipping me with the relevant knowledge and people-relationship skills which I now am able to put into good use: placing the right individuals in the right company.

Learning opportunities

Learning opportunities are abundant in this field, and if I may say is definitely the best of both worlds. How else am I able to speak to all the industry leaders in banking, while learning from their stories and grasp insights from behind the scenes? What I am thankful for is the privilege to have the ability to actually make a difference in their lives, by placing them in the right company and role.

The right organisation matters

Working in a global organisation allows me to realise the abundance of opportunities that I can reach out for.

Some examples are: structured training, conducive working environment, exciting social events and most importantly, the sharing and caring culture in Morgan McKinley is what sets us apart from any other organisation.

Six tips before making the big move to recruitment

Before signing on that dotted line, here are some tips that I would advise.

  • Always seek a third party view on your career move – A recruiter in the industry will be able to share with you the market insights and trends in the industry
  • Speak to someone who is in the role
  • Do sufficient research of the function and company before making the jump
  • Speak to seniors who have made a similar move and the challenges they face
  • Give yourself a timeline for the decision to move
  • Proper discussion and support from family members as the move will indirectly impact their lives as well

No doubt, making the move can be daunting and nerve-racking initially, but with proper consideration and completing your due diligence, then the only regret you will have is not making the move earlier!


  • Jul 25, 2017
  • Careers
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