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4 trends London Fashion Week taught us about Recruitment in 2015

Another year of the glitz and glamour, that is London Fashion week, has once again surpassed us.

In a society where lifestyle events and celebrities often trump current affairs, it should come as no surprise that the aftermath of such an event has had us trending #LFW in a big way! 

The show defined the way forward for designers, bloggers and fashionistas alike as we saw emerging trends, both on and off the catwalk. As an avid London Fashion Week “at-home groupie” I was able to recognise lessons on the runway that correlated with some of the latest trends in recruitment:

  1. Keep it strategically seasonal
    Whilst white and black remained timeless, classic and commonalities across many of the events, we did in fact, see the emergence of designers embracing seasonal palettes. It was all about harnessing annual timing, with the likes of Jonathan Saunders and Christopher Kane strategically parading hues such as Cyan and Blue down the runway to align with the imminent arrival of Spring.

    This strategic positioning of colour down the runway aligned with the paramount importance of forward planning in recruitment in 2015. Historically, recruitment has been observed as a passive practice, hiring when a business requirement arises. 2015 is about becoming more proactive, aligning with organisational objectives and requirements, and ensuring operational efficiencies. It’s time for us to start planning seasonally!
  2. Turnover is high!
    LFW is as much about talent on the runway, as it is about the latest trends. Annually, we see the rise and fall of faces. In a dog eat dog world, it’s about survival of the fittest, or in this case the most beautiful. This year’s turnover of models included the introduction of faces such as Marjan and Rosie Tapner whose unique looks enhanced runways and cameras alike. In 2014 turnover issues impacting recruitment increased by 44% ( This vast jump in turnover effectively means that the volume of work for recruiters is set to increase significantly, to keep up with both business and operational demands. Hand in hand, assessing the drive of a candidate and their likelihood to remain within the company will now become crucial in the interviewing process.
  3. It’s about being compelling
    Year after year, the skill and ability of designers in producing unique runway pieces never ceases to surprise and amaze me. Through LFW we recognise art in fabric, we recognise walking masterpieces, and we give due praise and recognition to the artists (designers) themselves. The King of ‘unique’, Gareth Pugh, created a fashion show that could be described as no less than a theatrical battlefield of design. Pugh, harnessed the use of film, props and lighting to create a compelling production which showcased his eclectic, dark and eclectic collection. Similarly, 2015 marks the year of recruiters having to create more compelling offers than ever before.

    With competition forever on the incline, it has never been more timely or essential for companies and professionals alike to build upon their unique selling points to candidates. How, as recruiters, can we make professionals choose our business, or our client over another? How can we become employers of choice? What is it that makes us so special?
  4. Keep leveraging digital media
    A key influencer of mine and author of socialnomics, Erik Qualman, states clearly, “We don’t have a choice on whether we do Social Media, the question is how well we do it”. Therefore, it came as no surprise that the 2015 LFW saw brands such as Topshop creating digital media that coordinated with their runway shows. We also saw an influx in the number of proclaimed social media gurus and bloggers, spamming the world wide web with snaps, statements and opinion articles.

    In 2015, 38% of our top sources of quality hires space is owned by social networks (source: Linked In Report). This increase of 73% in the past 4 years has reiterated the importance of companies and recruiters embracing solid social media strategies, so as to ensure they don’t get left behind. In our digital generation connecting with people, customers and followers via social media has become paramount in securing ongoing brand awareness.

In conclusion, as I scour online blogs, news feeds and galleries reminiscing on another vibrant LFW, adding more coveted pieces to my list along the way, I comically laugh to myself that I’ve managed to parallel my love of fashion to my professional career in a recruitment agency. For recruiters and businesses alike, 2015 is about going outside the box to get creative, it’s about following industry trends and it’s about each recruiter putting their best foot forward… or should I say stiletto?



  • Feb 24, 2015
  • Careers
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