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3 Benefits of Digital Interviewing

Digital online interviewing is a way of assessing or talking to a candidate over a computer, phone or tablet via the internet as an additional interviewing platform, rather than having to meet candidates face-to-face.

Even though this technique may seem less personal and out of the ordinary, online interviewing is becoming increasingly popular for both job seekers and employers, especially as an initial screening tool. Morgan McKinley has started to use an online interviewing platform for internal recruitment. We have have found that it is a much better recruitment experience for everyone and we are able to interview candidates in any location. And it does actually add a personal touch to the first stage of screening.
1. Better recruitment experience for candidates and employer
Digital interviewing provides an efficient process for both candidates and the employer. Candidates are able to get a feel for the company before travelling for an onsite interview. It also allows Morgan McKinley to meet the candidate properly and in a more personal way than over the telephone. This allows us to look at where the candidate could potentially fit, increasing efficiency of the hiring process going forward. It also allows us to interview many more candidates and utilise time effectively, making the process much faster from when an application is submitted to the interview and offer stages.
2. Able to interview with people all over the world
Digital interviewing is great when interviewing candidates who live far away and who would otherwise have to pay a large amount of money to travel for a first interview, especially at the stage when neither candidate nor employer know if the role is right for them. When candidates know that they can have a digital interview as a first interview, we have found that they are much more attracted to the role as it is one less expensive journey which they have to make in their job search. Our digital interviewing tool also has a phone app option where candidates can log on from their smartphone or tablet wherever they are to take part in the interview.

3. Personal touch
The initial stage of our hiring process is to conduct a telephone interview with each candidate. Being able to see each other via an online interview gives a more personal touch and the candidate is able to get a feel for the company. In majority of cases, it is less nerve racking for the candidate and therefore many interview better in this first stage of the process than they would in a face-to-face interview. The first onsite interview is normally the most daunting for the candidate, therefore if they feel they have already met you (even if it is over a computer), they will be less anxious and give a stronger second round interview.

These three benefits make a huge difference to the recruitment process, saving both employers’ and candidates’ time while providing a more enjoyable and cost-free option for candidates. Have you ever been interviewed via an online interviewing platform? Or does your company currently use this interviewing process? We would love to hear your thoughts.

  • Aug 26, 2014
  • Careers
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