Our Values

At Morgan McKinley we recruit first-rate people who in turn recruit top talent for our clients. Our philosophy is to identify individuals with the right qualities to be great recruitment consultants and for this they must already live our values, then we empower them to serve, to specialise and to lead. Our values are: 


Always Communicating

“I engage in open, honest, two-way, timely communications internally and externally.”

We always communicate; with colleagues, with clients, with candidates. Above all that means listening. Sometimes the most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said. We believe in the power of good communication and we work to communicate well with our customers and our team.

Always Committed

“I believe in what we are doing and I give my best every day.”

We show commitment. That means we give our very best and we see things through. As a top racing driver once said, “To finish first, you must first finish.”

Always Building Trust

“I always act with integrity and respect and do the right thing.”

We build trust because our reputation depends on it, and our reputation means everything. The key word here is Always. We always do the right thing.

Always Embracing Change

“In an ambitious company, I recognise change is essential and I am open to it.”

We enjoy getting out of our comfort zone. There’s nothing “routine” about the way we do things at Morgan McKinley. Recruitment is a competitive business and this means we need to stretch beyond the traditional boundaries to deliver a recruitment service fit for the 21st century.


Living these values makes a job at Morgan McKinley more rewarding and satisfying than at any other recruitment agency because we treat our candidates the way we would also want to be treated - as individuals and as professionals. This approach is encapsulated in what we call your Career Ally™.