Amanda Dai


Amanda DaiTalent Acquisition, China & Singapore+86 21 2287

Hello! This is Amanda DAI, and I am excited to be a part of our Global Talent Acquisition team on the ground in Shanghai. 

I am the Talent Acquisition Specialist for Morgan McKinley China and Singapore. My journey with Morgan McKinley started in January 2017, and as a team member of our Global Talent Acquisition team, I partner with our business leads to devise and implement recruitment strategies as well as process improvements that deliver quality hires.

I am someone who has an absolute passion for people and life. That’s one of the major reasons I chose Morgan McKinley, I love the people I work with. It makes me love my job even more.


Top tips :

Succeeding in job interviews takes research, practice, and persistence. The more effort you put into your interview preparation, the more success you’ll see in obtaining job offers. So here are some tips from me based on my professional experience, I hope these will help you present yourself better. It is essential to conduct research on the employer, hiring manager, and job opportunity before the interview. Second, dress for success, first impressions are always very important in any interview. Remember to arrive on time, relaxed and prepared for the interview. Be authentic, upbeat, focused, confident, candid, and concise as well as ask insightful questions. And last, thank interviewer(s) in person or by email.

Fun facts :

- I'm addicted to the sea and beach but I can't swim.
- I used to have a rabbit as my pet but my rabbit would never eat carrots. Her favourite food was pork and chicken.