My First Three Months in Recruitment

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Recruitment as a Career

‘We have never done anything like this before’
‘That makes two of us’ – my response during my interview with a director of Morgan McKinley when he was considering taking on a student for a college internship.

I am a Msc Management & Marketing student in University College Cork and as the final part of my degree I am undertaking placement with the Supply Chain team (a national desk located in Cork) at Morgan McKinley. Opportunities were thrown at us throughout the college year but at first nothing really stood out to me. Not knowing what exact route I’d like to go following on from college, I approached the placement officer in UCC and mentioned that I had an interest in recruitment. I saw recruitment as something I’d like to go into once I finished college.

So, why recruitment? It’s probably a question most of my colleagues, class mates and lecturers have asked me at some point over the last few months. Many people seem to ‘fall’ into the industry but I think it was from speaking to friends who work or who have worked in recruitment. Following on from this, the industry intrigued me even more. I suppose I knew the fundamentals of recruitment but three months in, did I make the right choice?

Absolutely! We’d all be lying if we said we never had a bad moment in work but I can honestly say that I have yet to go home and regret my decision. Recruitment is a fast-paced environment but there are so many positives to make it all worthwhile.

The most rewarding aspect of recruitment is the support you receive from your colleagues. From training to celebrating when things go well, to supporting you when thing may not go your way, your colleagues will become friends who are there to help you every step of the way.

Success in recruitment does not happen overnight. In order to be successful, you must build strong relationships with both clients and candidates. Clients need to have the confidence in you to find them the talent they need while candidates need to trust you to find them the perfect position. Sometimes it can feel like a balancing act but there is no greater feeling than knowing you have helped someone secure their dream job.

I read job descriptions from clients every day with minimum experience requirements but with recruitment, prior experience as a recruiter is not essential. In fact, many consultants have no previous experience working in a recruitment agency. In my opinion, being a successful recruiter is down to personality, perseverance and resilience. The last three months have been nothing short of rewarding and I am looking forward to developing further as a consultant over the coming months.

Morgan McKinley has multiple openings across different disciplines throughout the Cork office. If you are looking for personal development and a rewarding career, I would highly recommend considering recruitment as your next career step.

Emily Morley
Associate Consultant | Supply Chain Recruitment
00 353 21 2300300