Every day will be different...my first two months in recruitment

Submitted By Michelle Donohoe - Tue, 09/12/2017 - 04:01

One of the core factors in joining MMK as a career changer was the extensive training program provided to all consultants.

Six weeks into the new role and the incubation period has come to an end with the last day of official training finished. Coming from an engineering background and spending six years teaching/coaching in an Irish secondary school it is proving an interesting experience to be on the other side of the desk after all these years.
One of the core factors in joining MMK as a career changer was the extensive training program provided to all consultants. The immediate benefit of the Morgan McKinley training process is that while all of the leaders are specialists in their field,be it:

  • IT (software development or Java, C++) 
  • science (product development or analytical chemistry)
  • engineering (quality, validation, r&d, design, manufacturing, automation and senior appointments across engineering),


their experiences in getting to where they are today are all very different. The level of expertise that they were able to share with us throughout the incubation period was informative and immediately practical. Our facilitator team was made up of directors and senior consultants from finance, tax, La Creme and supply chain.

Becoming a specialist in manufacturing, process and automation engineering recruitment is the goal. Having the engineering experience helps, as does the teaching, however I have quickly realized that the best way to learn about the recruitment process is to listen, be open minded and assume nothing!

Combining some of the areas covered in the official training camp with nuggets picked up from those around me is the best way forward. Be it Fiona advising a new candidate how to approach their second interview with one of her many med device clients, David explaining to an R&D engineer that he is selling himself short in his CV, Jean knowing that a candidate would be ideal for her client in Cork who is always looking for expert CNC programmers or Eleanor explaining to her client that the best candidate for this position is going to be offered a job unless they act quickly; witnessing these people in action has given me an invaluable insight into becoming a successful recruiter.  
In the Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Dublin MMK offices I am now working with consultants that Morgan McKinley have carefully selected from a wide array of industry backgrounds and maybe this is why they are open to their own employees cheery picking recruiting attributes from the best in the office.
In many ways it feels like I have been here a lot longer than six weeks, every day is different and fast moving which is effectively what I was looking for when discussing career options with a  good friend who is in the industry also.
Since I began we have welcomed two more specialist engineering consultants to the team, Michelle O'Sullivan and Michael Barry. Their arrival has further improved the experience, particularly when they ask colleagues questions that I need to know too.
So what is it that I do?

Ultimately my new role is to become a specialist in manufacturing, process and automation engineering to identify the best candidates through their experience, qualifications, attitude and interests and match them with the best companies looking for like-minded industry professionals.  Not an easy task but a satisfying job all the same. 
Every day is a learning experience and will be like that for some time, so for the next while it will be a case of dealing with every situation with an open mind as I establish my profile in manufacturing engineering recruitment. For now I’m still one of the new kids.

Written by Barry Bowen